Friday, September 14

New Leafs Uniforms: Perfection Not Messed With

The Leafs unveiled their new uniforms on Wednesday, and one of the smartest things the hard workers at RBK ever did was not do too much to the Leafs sweater. There was a report on CBC a few weeks ago showing a mock up, and I knew it wasn't the real thing, it was just too designed. While I would have liked to have a little more white striping (not piping) in the arms and at the bottom, I'm very happy. Thank Christ RBK wasn't allowed to get wait...Thank Christ the executives at MLSE weren't allowed to get creative and put their stamp on the greatest sweater in sports. I can just hear Larry Tenenbaum now, "...I know the Leaf has to stay, but, can we get some skates on it?! Yeah, I'm rich! That's what I want, I want the Leaf on skates!" I promise you that some version of what I just wrote was said this summer. Pro-mise.

OK, so I guess Leafs TV is the best thing in existence. It's so good, I'm surprised that Japanese teenagers aren't gathering in squares in Tokyo dressed as Jody Vance.

Also: It's nice to see that - I thought he was your friend- Washingtron has finally gotten a job; that of director of internet hand jobs for EA Sports. Nice, balanced report from Wash there, who clearly examined all sides of the issue before HJ'ing EA within an inch of it's life.

The only upside to this corporate crapitude is that at least EA Sports doesn't sponsor our site, unlike who have the embarrassing gall to give a full length, glowing review of NHL '08 right beside a Flash banner ad for the game. Nice. Remember everyone: every click to that site gives Eklund more power. Do you really want to bring a kid into a world like that?


There is now a second breathless review of NHL '08 on This one scrawled written by Eklund himself! They are fucking shameless!