Sunday, April 13

Run Around You

I'm trying to quell the disappointment of Montreal's OT loss tonight by watching the first period of the Calgary - San Jose game. Three minutes in, consider it quelled courtesy of a 3-0 Sharks lead, and a vintage Dion Phaneuf performance. The NHL's most overrated defencemen has been on the ice for every goal. Phaneuf (seen here during San Jose's 2nd goal) is fucking clueless in his own zone, unless of course he's skating 30 feet out of position to put someones face through the signage, in which case "HE'S A MONSTER!" Tonight, Patrick Marleau has been the intended target on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, while Dion was standing around admiring his manly work, Marleau decided to go to the net and score a goal.

I know Mike Keenan is the man most often given credit for the development of Chris Pronger, so perhaps under Iron Mike's tutelage, Dion can develop into a solid #3 or #4 defender.

Actually, I must give full credit to Patrick Marleau tonight. He has been absolutely annihilated a couple times and keeps getting up, despite blood streaming from every orifice of his body. The Leafs could have used that kind of leadership.

Having said that, I fully expect the NHL's 2nd most gutless team to choke on their three goal lead and go meekly into the playoff night.

EDIT: 3-2 Sharks in the 2nd period. It's only a matter of time...