Tuesday, March 25

Is that guy skating towards me?

This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Now it is awful in a lot of ways too, and my first reaction was one of horror, but upon second viewing I really had to laugh out loud, and hard. This is Patrick Roy's son demonstrating some of that level headedness that got his dad to the top. What is so amusing is the fact that the other goalie didn't see anything coming. I've never seen anyone try to take the high road and get the crap beat out of them harder. If I could enhance the video MI3 style you'd actually see that poor guy putting on glasses at one point hoping that Jonathan would follow at least one of those hallowed rules of punching. 1. Never hit a guy with glasses. 2. Don't tuck your thumb into your fist. 3. Try fighting someone who is remotely interested in fighting. 4. Follow through. 5. If you hold hold A longer the punch will be super strong.