Thursday, March 27

You Don't Look A Day Over 200

Hi everybody. I'd like to take a couple of minutes away from using the word "motherfucker" to bring your attention to the fact that it's someone's birthday today! On this day in Leafs history, someone in our Leaf Loving family was torn from the warm, perfect, secure embrace of his mother's womb and into the drafty, imperfect and insecure embrace of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Yes, none other than, you don't know him, but you still love him, NORTE! Boooo, I mean, yaaaaaaay!

Let me tell you that Norte is what being a fan of the Leafs is all about. You know that feeling you get when you see the Leafs walk down their hallway and run out onto the ice? Take that and put it into a cat-like frame, and you have Norte.

Norte loves the Leafs so much, he puts on a tuxedo to watch "Game In An Hour".

Norte is so cool that Pavel Kubina refused to waive his NTC just so that he could "...stay on Norte's radar".

Norte is so dope, Don Cherry would get his name right on Coach's Corner.

The future name of the ACC? "NORTE'S SNOW FORT".

So Happy Birthday, dude. You totally make up for the lack of charisma/writing by the other people on this blog; That Guy I Met and What's His Ass. You clearly rule.
Here is an old picture I dug up from one of Norte's past birthday's. It has that guy, and that other dude, and the one in the back, and RICK VAIVE, and Mr. Moustache, and BORJE SALMING. Granted, Norte doesn't look that great here. I think he was sick that day and that crown was pinching him, but still. A birthday is a birthday! Have a great one, Bro-Show!