Sunday, June 15

The Real NHL On Versus

The other day Moose and I were having a discussion about hockey. No big surprise there, as it's what we most often do. After talking about the Final, the NHL awards and upcoming draft day scenarios, naturally, talk turned to who the hottest goalie in the NHL is. Wow! The conversation sure got animated! I never knew Moose and I had so many interests in common!

So my first candidate for hottest NHL goalie was Roy Worters. I mean, right? All Roy ever did was win the Vezina trophy for the 30/31 season. After he retired, the New York Americans never had it so good...looking.

To counter my first nominee, Moose put forth Gump Worsley. The Gumper! Gumper, who my Dad says was the best goalie he ever saw play, can be seen here doing what he did best: getting better looking by taking a slapshot puck in the face. Suck on that, Bobby Hull!

Next on our great debate list was Leaf fan favorite, and nominee numero deux of mine, Turk Broda! Here's Turk, looking awesome as men do in a Leaf sweater making a save and being great. You may laugh at any number of things in this picture, but you know when you had balls this big? Never.

Then Moose mentioned someone under the radar: One Mr. Bill Durnan. Durnan, seen here maybe a little out of position and openly screaming about it, won about 80 Vezinas all the while clearly wearing boxing gloves instead of a catching mit and blocker.

So the debate between Moose and I raged on for what seemed like seconds. It was then and only then that we realized that (a) these men aren't actually in the NHL anymore, and, in fact, had all been dead for decades. That (b) neither of us is a gay dude who spends his time judging men for their looks, and (c) if we were, then the men we'd be judging for their looks probably wouldn't be ex-NHL goalies who've been dead for decades. It made sense to us. I guess.

What we would do is take a leisurely inter-blog leap over to Wrap Around Curl or I Mean, We Got Guys... and vote in their "Hottie Hockey Dreamy Team: Hotties In The Pipes" competition. And while I sit here not believing that I actually just wrote that last phrase, you can cast your vote on who you believe to be the best looking NHL goalie around. While you're there, have a look around and read some good articles. Because before these women decided to turn their attention to the shallow pursuits of questioning which NHL goalie has the best face, they took time to write about what really matters to female hockey fans: which NHL goalie has the tightest buns.