Wednesday, February 13

On This Day Was Born The King of Kings

The King of Kings was born on this day, 37 years ago. We've all been thinking a lot more of Mats in the past few months, with the prospect of losing him (even temporarily) hanging over our heads. No matter what happens with this, or any trade deadline, Mats will always be ours. When his career is over, he will come back to our rink, with a Leafs jersey on his back. He will stand at center ice with a spotlight on him. After the near-endless cheers have died down, he will tell us how much it meant to him to be a Leaf, and he will thank Cliff Fletcher for bringing him to Toronto in the first place.

Nothing says "I love you" like an overly compressed Youtube video, but I love this moment so, so much. Mats' 500th. We all saw it, and how impropable the stats lined up for Mats that night (500th, hat-trick, GWG, short-handed in overtime). Magic follows magic. It's as simple as that.

It's one of my favorite Leafs moments, and not even a clunky call by Bob Cole and Cassie Campbell can dispel how great the scene is. (If anyone wants to dub Joe Bowen's call over it, please do).

Hope you enjoy it, again. Happy Birthday, Mats!