Monday, February 25


The Spanish have a proverb that fits how I feel at this moment. Donde hay amor hay dolor: where there is love there is pain. Besides being an almost prototypically Mediterranean thing to say its exactly how I feel. Dramatic sure...but this is the Leafs and I truly love the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Just so you know I am just gonna write and write and write and write cos it hurts. It's exactly the opposite of what Rod Stewart sang about when he sang that it felt so good, he didn't understand.

I just read on some blog a rumor of Mats, J.P and Fletch hatching some scheme to drive Mats’ asking price up. And again my heart rose and fell at the same time. Kind of like how you have to breath to play a wind instrument. If Mats did that and then came back…can you imagine how beloved he would be? I mean even more so.

You see that hope? That’s the pain talking. Cos the reality is that it’s not true and that we’re going to be in the same mess next year. And now the hot rumor is McCabe to New York (the isle or the show?) but that we’d have to package him with a first round pick. And that makes about as much sense as trading Markov for Robert Reichel and Travis Green.


You all know that I have carpal-tunnel-syndromed my wrists typing ad infinitum about my love of Mats Sundin. (Yes, Moose…yet another post about Mats Sundin) I wear my heart on my sleeve about him and his team. Duhr.

But whose next…