Thursday, December 6

W_NN_IN_ ST_E_K? Never Heard of Him

I'm not a very superstitious person, not at all. I've got too many obsessive compulsive habits to bother with such absurdities. But one thing I do subscribe to is that when your team ____ ____ games __ _ ___, you for sure don't want to bring it up. I mean ever. It's tough too, because when the Leafs __ __ _ _____ like ____ ___, you really want to celebrate it as much as possible, and share in the joy that _______ can bring to you.

Even now, you're reading this and asking yourself, "Hey there, Greener, just what are you writing about? It could be anything!", and you'd be right. As long as you don't think that thing is a Toronto Maple Leafs four ____ _______ ______.

So just to clarify, the Leafs beat the _______, the ________, the _________ and the _________ and that means that __ ___ ____ __ ________!