Tuesday, June 17

It's About F****** Time!

Glenn Anderson = Hall of Famer

The white smoke finally billowed out from the rooftop of the Hockey Hall of Fame today. Glenn Anderson got his rightful place in hockey's shrine, and it's been a long overdue honor for one of the all-time great playoff performers. The fact that it took this long is a black eye for the media. Anderson never had a great relationship with reporters, and, as we all know, one of the requirements to get into the Hall of Fame is kissing-up to a bunch of notebook toting fat-asses. Other qualifications:

1) No pre-marital sex.
2) Support the troops.
3) A carbon footprint of 2.5 tonnes or less.
4) Shalt not covet thy neighbour's ox.

Anderson played for a few other insignificant teams that nobody remembers, but will always be remembered as an integral part of the Oilers 5-time Cup winning dynasty. He was fearless, skilled, and at his best when it was all on the line. Congrats!