Sunday, October 28

Highlights of Highlights.

Imagine, if you will, my blog entry today like a scratch and sniff sticker that is all sniffed out. What I mean by that is that due to circumstance beyond my control I had to yet again watch Game In An Hour on Leafs TV. Now I am not complaining. I love watching the Leafs play and not to sound corny…but I would take them anywhere at anytime, quite frankly, I would take the Toronto Maple Leafs home to meet the folks.

The problem is that I missed Game In An Hour....and had to catch the highlights of the game. So I may be purple but I am no longer grape, you know?

Anybody who knows me knows how much I love watching the games best live. (Jersey on, representin the 416 (and the 905, 647) If you can’t be there live then the next best thing is Hockey Night In Canada. A show so good it’s tied with Arrested Development as best show ever. And anyone who feels that way knows how egregious it is to miss Coach’s Corner. And no disrespect to Harry Bowen, holy mackinaw, I love that man like air, but HNIC…that’s the show.
So forgive me for writing a blog on some highlights but I love writing this.

I think you can tell a lot about a team when they are down. And last night I was happy to see that the Leafs looked relaxed down the one goal. They weren’t running around and that looked good. I love when I watch the game and nobody looks like a passenger. It’s simple. Play like this, win the game.
It’s great to see that our young guys are coming through big for us. Nice to see John Pohl score, and like Tlusty, another game winner. It was a wicked shot too. The short pocket, the OHL corner, as it were. It was an ugly shot…like funk played well on the bass. John Pohl must see Tlusty and Gamache in his dreams. He impressed me with that goal scorer’s goal.
And is it just me or does the A look good on Antropov…it may be too early to order the solid gold cuff links…but he sure looks like an assistant captain. I agree with Greener, Antropov looks important every time he is on the ice. And ladies and gentlemen...(and by that I mean gentlemen) mark November 6th on your calendars…it’s the day that Mark Bell returns. It’s a game against the team from ottawa so you know it’s going to be good.
As a real Leafs fan I can’t tell you how good it feels to wonder where you’re going to put Mark Bell. How you are going to fit Kyle Wellwood in. Where Darcy will go when his knee heals. I wonder at what game Carlo Colaiacovo will return...look great for a period and a half and then get inured. I heard that he lives in his mum's basement and all he does all day is eat chips and watch the Price Is Right.

And Jeers to the Rangers...proof that you cannot purchase chemistry.