Saturday, October 27

Leafs: "Ohhh, You Need the Defense to Play Too? Why Didn't You Just Say So?"

What do they say? The best offense is a good defense? Or is it the best 'D' a good 'O'? Whatever it is, the NHL's best offense went up against the best Defense in New York tonight. And while it's part of Newton's Law's that states that equal opposing forces produce no motion, you throw in Pavel Kubina's best game as a Leaf and the active sticks of Gill, Woz, and White, and I'll show you some motion! It's in this bottle here and it's labeled Leafs 4, Rangers 1! Actually, it doesn't say that, and that's lotion, but still, Leafs 4, Rangers 1!

What an unbelievable difference when everyone comes back and helps out. Considering the Leafs are without their #'s 2 and 3 defensemen, things were steady for most of the game save the first period, and even then there was no panic as the Rangers shot 11 times at Toskala to the Leafs 5 on Lundqvist. Gill didn't look great at first, I've seen decks with less lumber, but he stood strong from the second out and blocked a bunch of shots in the third. Ian White looks smart-I mean on the ice- and he's become super trustworthy out there in all situations.

Vesa Toskala is now finally the Leafs #1 goalie. Paul Maurice said that no one would take the 1 spot until they stole a game for the Leafs. While Toskala didn't have to steal this one outright, he did do the hockey equivalent of dining and dashing by keeping the Leafs well in it until they started to play the way they can, and going on to win the game. Even when things are crazy in his crease, he always seems to know where the puck is and where he is in relation to the net.

Also: I'd like it if the Leafs could start now on a 70 game road trip. No, I'm just saying.

In a sideways related note: Who the hell is directing the Coaches Corner segment? They've got an entire set to play with, yet the camera's pushing in so tight that it looks like Ron MacLean is in Don Cherry's lap. A few weeks ago, they must have had the camera locked off because the tops of their heads were cut off for 6 minutes. On the upside, we had the entire lower third of the screen to peruse one of the tables they have for sale this season at The Brick. It was only after one of Don Cherry's video's did someone realize how shit the shot was and re-set the camera. For such an open ended segment it's ridiculously claustrophobic. God forbid that Cherry has to hold up a pair of pads or a picture because that means Ron MacLean has to leave the room.


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