Friday, March 28

It's late and the Leafs game I recorded just finished. I have absolutely nothing funny, good or even stupid to write. I'm just tired. Is there anything original to say at this moment? Can I elevate the quality of the discussion around the Leafs right now? Is it even pertinent to bring up the goddamn Toronto St. Pats? The finger pointing started after Tuesdays game, and by the time we read what we all have to say, there'll be a lot of one-eyed Players, Coaches, GM's, Former GM's, Captain's, Goalies, Executives and Fans.

My disappointment right now, although huge, feels drab and lifeless. This may be a product of maturity, although I doubt it. It may be a product of enforced expectations. I don't know, and at this time, I don't even care.