Monday, December 3

HS/HS: Now It's "Interactive"!

In an ongoing attempt by your friends here at HS/HS to keep things fresh, funny and interesting...and clearly failing all that, then just to court favor with our readers, we've decided to have a little contest. This contest begins with me writing this email, and then goes on to you writing an email, moving on to us doing some thinking, and finally coming to rest with me, writing an email. That's what you call the Circle of Life.

Looking at our blog header, we want to change the by-line, or motto or whatever it is that's under our name. I think those things are kind of important to a blog because in a way, it's the first post that most casual blog readers will look at. It says who and what you are at a glance. Those of us who have blogs see the numbers of people who wander in because of a random word or picture search. They look at the header, quickly scan it for something catchy and interesting and either say, "Nah!" and leave, or in our case, simply leave.

So, we want a new by-line, and it would be nice if you, the readers, came up with it. Hold on a sec...(go big or go home, go big or go home, go big or) AND WE WANT YOU, THE READERS, TO MAKE IT UP FOR US! Awesome! Great! Whatever!

Think up something cool, funny, jerkish, dickish, ironic, center of the plate, anything you want, and send it to us at our email: The line we think is the best will become the new header by-line on HS/HS. But Wait, there's more!

We will also send you something! Uh-huh, that's right. The four of us will show our appreciation of your efforts and think of something cool, funny, jerkish, dickish, ironic, center of the plate, etc. and put it in your sweet hands. Now, I'll tell you right now that the size/excellence of the gift may (will) vary depending on your proximity to us. If you live in the L.A. area, you might be lucky enough to be the you in a You and 3/4 of the He Score, He Shoot staff group hug. If you're the dude who reads us from Hong Kong, then please enjoy this 3rd Class, bulk shipping piece of paper with Washingtron's autograph. I'm just saying.

So what are you waiting for? This is your big opportunity to finally reward Washingtron, Norte, Moose, me for all my hard work on this blog. Does this all sound too good to be true? Well, it isn't. It's exactly as good as you think it is.

We'd like in advance to thank all of our regular readers for participating, and by all our regular readers, we mean Loser Domi, but that's beside the point. We really hope you have fun with this, and know that we really appreciate you all.

Thanks! Awesome!