Friday, April 4

I Take It All Back: I Love The Boston Bruins!

The Ottawa Senators took some well deserved time away from eating dog shit for a living to beat the Leafs tonight and all I can think of is one thing: Claude Julien, you and your hockey-ruining team will go out Friday night and cause the Senators to fall asleep just long enough for you and your mongoloid Captain to go motherfucking Richard Zednick on their collective ass. I'm speaking metaphorically, of course...or am I?

I'm a very peaceful guy. I've only kicked the living shit out of a few people in my adult life, surprisingly none of them named Moose, but when I see those fuckers running around our ice playing "big boys", my blood begins to boil. Dany "I Talk Tough To Tucker In The Box But When We're In A Scrum I'm Running Away" Heatley drew one of those cards tonight. I guess he has to do something now because IF the Senators make the playoffs, he's sure going to be busy being invisible. I mean, why break the habit of a lifetime, right?

Bell's murderous hit on Alfredsson, or as I call it, "The best thing I've seen all season", was made all the sweeter by the fact that it was clean. Even the rotten Ottawa bench couldn't deny that. Bell had his elbows as low as elbows can go, and Alfredsson was just admiring his shot. The thing is, I think it set the Leafs off the game. It raised the temperatures too much and the Leafs just forgot about hockey. I mean, when Darcy Tucker is your acting captain, cooler heads are not going to prevail. The hit and the subsequent fighting caused the Leafs to obsess about beating Ottawa, instead of winning the hockey game. Kind of like in '98 in Nagano when Team Canada's only focus was to mete revenge for the '96 loss to Team USA. They put everything into that, and had nothing left for the rest of the tourney. Oh yeah, that AND Canada coach Marc Crawford put Ray Bourque in the shootout against the Czechs instead of Wayne Gretzky, the greatest goal scorer in hockey history. I'm just saying.

So tomorrow night The Passion That Unites Us All will be for the Boston Bruins to beat Ottawa who have one game less to play. The now in 8th Capitals play Florida on Saturday. Bruins to play Buffalo. Lets go people! Dare to dream!