Friday, November 9


PREFACE: Its Thursday night here. I’m thinking about the game on Friday and I wanted to write before the game (which would be right now) and then watch the game (on Friday) and then finish writing the piece after having watched the game (also on Friday)…does that make sense? Is this mike on?

Do you remember what you were doing November 25th 2006? Me either, truth be told I barely remember what I did yesterday, I think I ate lasagna, maybe not (shrugs) November 25th 2006 was the last time the Leafs had a full team without injuries. And before you start saying, “but every team gets injuries…” (I am looking at you Moose) I agree but I would challenge you to come up with a team that could lose players as pivotal to their team as Darcy Tucker: a leader as much off the ice as on. Kyle Wellwood? What I love about Wellwood is because he’s so creative he brings the possibility to the play. And yes even though he can sometimes pull off the Aki Berg look-a-like award I would take the booming shot and newly healed nutsack of Bryan McCabe…any day of the week. I have a feeling McCabe is going to have an amazing second act. I really think he’s really close to being an amazing defense-man.
Not to mention that the PK and PP are atrocious and we’re about to have 3/5ths of the number one unit back on the ice. Not to mention Mark Bell.
This is gut check time clearly. This game, tomorrow’s game (today when I upload this) these games. Someone recently said to me it’s time to fish or cut bait. The old shit or get off the pot time…whatever analogy you want to use, it’s right now. Cos if hey can’t win games with the team that they ice against the Sabres then something seriously stinks. Time to rethink some stuff.

Some stuff.