Monday, August 6

Ahhh, Summer....(BANG)

What better way to start a hockey blog than not one, but two CODCO references, right? Well the old jokes are the best jokes, really, and that's no exception.
Just a quick word from us: Hi! How are you? Welcome to "He Score, He Shoot!", a hockey blog! Bringing you the same basic information/speculation/overly compressed youtube videos as all the other hockey blogs except slightly funnier. You should hear how I'm saying slightly; very sarcastically, and slightly funnier than how you'd say it.
If all comes through, there'll be 4 people writing on this; 2 Leafs lovers, and 2 Oilers lovers. We will be writing about our respective clubs, but not exclusively. We may write on a host of other topics, as we are very well rounded people. In no order, and obligating no one, here is a small list of actual things that interest the writers and MAY pop up sometime:

  • Surfing
  • Picasso
  • Alberta beef
  • Booing Gretzky at the Forum in '88
  • When we met Avery in a club in L.A. and asked him who he hated to play against the most
  • Dermatology
Aren't we interesting? Oh, you'll see!