Wednesday, August 22

Hey, Pappy! Welcome to Suckville.

Tales From a Beer League...

Fresh off an electric 0-3 start in our Thursday night league, the Pacific Maple Leafs are badly in need of a boost. Instead, Greener's dad is in town and coming to watch him play for the first time. Normally you couldn't put more pressure on Greener than he puts on himself, but this is dad. A former legendary netminder. The man who tried to mold his sons in the image of Syl Apps. The man who actually invented the phrase "Jesus H. Christ" (look it up). How can you not feel the nerves?

So, as Greener suits up beneath the scrutinizing eye of his proud father, sweat dripping down the tip of his masculine Jewish nose, squeezing his stick like 'Espo' squeezing that rose stem in '72, what will happen next?

Will Greener:

A) Embarrass himself, then feign injury?

B) Play a blinder, like Gretzky in Game 7 vs. the Leafs?

C) Leave to go have a steak?

Of course there's always scenario 'D', which sees Greener's dad suiting up to play after our goalie fails to show up for the second straight week. Watch the short side, pops.


Norte said...
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Norte said...

Ha...awesome Moose.