Tuesday, September 11

Leafs In Camp: Someone's Getting Excited!

I'm just watching some fantastic tape of the Leafs reporting for camp on Leafs TV. Mats, McCabe, Kaberle, Vesa Toskala. Interesting one with Mark Bell as well. I have to say, I've been really impressed with Bell all summer. It's amazing how well he handles the endless questions about undoubtedly the worst time in his life. He's never surly or petulant, and never self-righteous. Consider how many athletes get pissed at reporters when they're asked about a scoring slump or a soft goal, and it gives you a sense of how mature Mark Bell is. I mean, Jesus Christ, you couldn't even talk to Ed Belfour on game-day! When asked about everything, Bell smiles and gives the usual pat answers about learning from his mistakes, and being prepared to make amends for them, but you get the sense that he actually means it. And if he does, then more of his center will be intact, which means more of his energy will be on the ice, with the Leafs.

What can you say about Mats? Goddamn it he is such a stud. Just watch his interview and you'll see what I mean. I know when I talk about Mats I start to come off gay, but I just don't care. He stands there like the Captain of the most important hockey team in the world, and it makes me so fucking proud of our team, I just want to go and kick the shit out of Moose a bunch of times. See? I'm excited.

Please note that in all of these clips is Howard Berger, who, as he stands there earning money for talking to some of the greatest athletes in the world, is probably looking at his watch the whole time wondering what the lunch special will be at Gretzky's that day.

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