Sunday, September 16

Oh, Dear...

Anson Carter Invited To Camp; Oilers Acquire Sedin Twins.

Okay, so only the really depressing half of that headline is true. Yes, the dreaded one has returned - and that's not a reference to his hair. Carter joins the Oilers camp today, and is on the roster for Team Blue in the Joey Moss Cup this afternoon (I'd rather sign Joey Moss). This is all quite a shock to me given that I played against him in our beer league this past Thursday night, and he didn't say anything to me about it. On the bright side, the guy must be in tremendous shape. I know Greener can vouch for his off-season training regimen as he sees him hanging out at the El Segundo skate shop every week. Seriously.

Now the level-headed side of me looks at this and says:

1) It's only a tryout contract.

2) He plays RW (a position of need).

3) He's a shooter. Could he be a guy to play with Hemsky?

4) He can't check his hat. There was a reason MacT and Lowe sent him packing the first time.

5) With a lack of established NHL forwards on the roster, he's a good insurance policy if one of the kids isn't ready.

6) The Oilers have 49 guys under contract (the NHL limit is 50). If they sign Carter, it means Sam Gagner is going back to London...or...someone is getting dealt, which was likely anyway given that we have 9 NHL-ready defencemen.

7) I don't think this reduces the chances of Schremp, Brodziak, O'Marra or Cogliano making the team. Not at all. MacT has gone to great lengths to stress that jobs are available based on guys' ability to produce, not their reputations or seniority.

8) He's wasn't good enough for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Oh, dear...

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