Tuesday, October 16

A Week to Remember!

Oh what a week this has been! I've got good news, and better news. To start, the good news. I just started a new job which is awesome! The only thing that doesn't turn my frown upside down is that because of it I've been super lax in posting, which is bad, but I'll change that. And now the great news: Well you know it by now! First, we lose on HNIC in overtime by putting it into our own net! THEN, I wake up and find myself married to Moose, someone I once saw a homeless guy give money to. THEN, to cap it all off, I get criticized in print by Washingtron, a guy so lazy he brings crutches to the airport so a middle-aged Mexican woman can push him in a wheelchair to his gate. Oh! My Word! My head...it's just spinning!
(Fanning self)

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jerk clown said...

This is what it's come to? You're posting about not posting? Why didn't you use those 3 brain cells you just wasted and write the fucking Sundin thing you've been asking me (the Oiler fan) to write?