Monday, October 1

You heard it here fifth!

The Oilers have done it. They've really done it. They've signed Sam Gagner to a three year entry level contract! Can you believe that? He's the first Oiler first round pick signed in his first year since Jason Arnott in, what, 93? As most of you know (save Greener) he can play 10 games with the Oilers before they have to make a decision on his fate this year. Whether he goes back to Junior or stays with the club. But he's obviously done enough to whet the appetite of MacT, and that means the rest of the Oilers semi-faithful. Quick note, Gagner's nickname is Gons. That is boring. I think we should call him "the last name after these quotation marks is French for winning!". As in, Sam "the last name after these quotation marks is French for Winning" Gagner. Or for short, TLNATQMISFFW! "Hey! TLNATQMISFFW! Pass the puck!" See? Smooth!

Timbits! The Oilers also put Thoreson on waivers (duh) and released Anson Carter from his career ending tryout. Hey dreads, you're not good enough for the Oilers!? Whoa. Bet you wish you'd stayed with the Sedin's, huh? I bet that one year payday was worth it. What am I saying. It's like millions of dollars. Of course it was. Also, Brodziak has made the team. Yipee!

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Moose said...

I'm actually pretty surprised about Thoresen...why would you risk losing a capable 4th line guy who makes $500k, when you have Pouliot, who doesn't have to clear waivers, and has done jack shit?