Wednesday, November 28

I Wish I Knew How To Quit You

Tonight had all the makings of an ass kicking. Oilers go into Denver to face a struggling Avalanche team, albeit one that's very good at home (9-2). But, I thought they had a chance to steal two points if they got good goaltending and got off to a good start. Well, a couple minutes in, Steve Staois gets on the wrong side of an Avs forward, gets beat out from behind the net, and its 1-0. 25 seconds later, everyone stands around sulking, 2-0. I've seen enough. As I write, it's just into the 2nd period.

- Shots 22-3 in favor of Colorado.

- Rollie standing on his head while his team stands around.

- Can't put two passes together, you'd think the puck was infected with the bird flu.

- Brodziak has a wide open net...he can literally skate the puck into the net....he hits the crossbar. Souvenir for the kid in row H.

- Torres watch: No points in goals in 17. Maybe someone forgot to tell him to take off his J.F. Jacques Halloween costume.

- Oilers refuse to simplify their game. No dump and chase. No hitting. Nobody can make a play.

- Lazy penalties...Sakic scores. 3-0. I'm going to watch soccer.


Norte said...

43 to 13 were the shots in the game...just in case you didnt know Moose.

Moose said...

No I didn't...and I preferred it that way.

Watched the final period on Tivo this morning. Of course a furious, "See, we care," Oiler rally in the last 20 minutes.