Thursday, November 29

Peddie: "Ferguson Hiring a Mistake". Goes On to Say, "I'm Also a Huge Asshole"

You know that feeling when you first suspect that you might be getting sick? You can kind of feel it like in your eyes and neck, and it's Thursday and you're all, "I'm going to be sick on Friday and Saturday." And you think back to earlier in the day and remember the conversation you had with that guy you work with who was a five-time Jeopardy champion, and you were holding your lunch as you were talking to him when he told you he was really, really ill the day before and only really ill right now? Hey, me too!

Similarly, I've been getting that exact same sickly feeling about the Leafs this week. I've watched them play and I've just been getting that crap feeling in my body about everything that's been going on in the organization.
The way the septic cabal that is MLSE have treated John Ferguson Jr. is disgraceful. Whether one is a fan of Ferguson or not, you have to agree that the way they have strung him along for years now, undermining his already limited abilities, speaks of a type of ego not exclusive too, but horribly common to fuckers who have too much money and not enough ability. I'm sure Richard Peddie and Larry Tanenbaum are brilliant at business and could take a charcoal briquette between the cheeks and turn it into a diamond, but they can not run a hockey team. They almost destroyed the Toronto Raptors with their "we're rich, so we know everything" thinking. They finally wizened up and let Peter Colangelo do what they couldn't: run a basketball team. The problem here with the Leafs is, these two fuckers are Canadian, and because of that, they genuinely think that they are qualified to run a hockey team; let alone the most valuable one in the world.

Thinking we know everything about hockey is a Canadians birthright. If it weren't for that, you wouldn't be reading this blog, or anyone else's, because there'd be no opinions on it. It'd just be a report featuring a
dreadful, boring lament of stats. That's not hockey. That's baseball.

So Peddie comes out and twists the mighty Excalibur knife in Fergie's back by telling the press that hiring JFJ was a mistake. This ivory tower mea culpa is so disingenuous it makes me feel ill. Peddie is trying to swing negative public opinion away from his own ass over onto Fergie's. He's trying to mollify Leafs fans and come on as the formerly abusive husband, and that he really feels bad, and it'll never happen again. Does anyone not realize that MLSE hired Ferguson precisely because, and not in spite of, the fact that he was inexperienced? That they had ample time and opportunity to hire anyone in the world to one of the most prestigious jobs in hockey, but instead they chose to hire someone they knew they could bully, dominate and micro-manage because their collective ego's tell them that if they don't run the show, nothing will get done right! Haven't we all had asshole bosses like that?


A couple of thoughts about the Montreal game. Carey Price's butterfly is one of the most perfect and natural I've ever seen. That sounds like a metaphor for his genitals, but it isn't. His positioning is so fluid it seems almost casual.
Once again a great Leafs/Habs game. Once again, a game the Leafs should've/could've/would've won if not for fantastic opposition goaltending and bone dry home scoring.

Met two really nice Habs fans the day of the game in a deli on Santa Monica Blvd. While waiting for our sandwiches I heard them speaking French to the girl behind the counter, and thought I heard one of them say "Quebec". Said hi to them and asked if they were Canadian. They were, and of course we fall immediately into talking about hockey; one of them wearing a sweatshirt with "Canadiens" written across the chest. We then compared the Leafs and Habs keyrings we all were sporting and talked about the game that night. No trash talking or bravado shit, it was just very cool.

Typically heroic way for Mats to score his 400th goal as a Leaf, ripping it over Price's glove with 18 seconds. Jesus, I love him.


Leafs win easily in Atlanta tonight, partially due to a withering stare from Loser Domi and partially because the Leafs just wanted it more and didn't let the Thrashers have the puck for two periods. Slump breaking goal by Alex Steen off of great work by Wellwood drawing two defenders to him, then dropping it for Alex to kill past a good Johan Hedberg. The Thrash got a little gumption in the third, and forced Toskala to make a hilariously big save against Pascal Dupuis with 4 minutes left. Mats scores with what now has to be considered his legendary backhand shot. I didn't feel sick even once the whole game.


Loser Domi said...

Thanks for the nod, yo. I'm glad to help out if I can.

Norte said...

septic cabal? thats just good writing right there. And I agree about the way JFJ has been treated. It is disgraceful. Very Bay Street.

Moose said...

Very good post, but there was one moment of Leafsian hyperbolic overload:

"Typically heroic way for Mats to score his 400th goal as a Leaf, ripping it over Price's glove with 18 seconds..."

Really? He kinda just popped in a rebound. C'mon dude. Also, you called Johan Hedberg "good".

At least now you guys will only have to face Carey Price 6 times a year for the next 15 years.

Greener said...

Thanks friends, and Moose.

Popped it in? It wasn't a putt. He had to pull it back and lift it front of a great Price, with Habs all over him, with 18 seconds left! What the fuck are you talking about?

I didn't say that Hedberg is a good goalie, I said he was good in this game.

Moose said...

Wow, you're a jerk. Guess who's NOT getting the Leafs Director of Pro Scouting job?

Who won that game, again? That's right, you're a Leafs fan, even routine plays in losing causes are "heroic".

Since I know the win over the Atlanta Thrashers is probably saved on your Tivo, you can go rejoice.

Norte said...

Moose you seem tense...Do you need a massage?

Greener said...

Holy shit he needs a lot more than that.

Moose said...

Your rent just went up, asshole.

Norte said...

No happy ending for you Moose, I'm sorry

Loser Domi said...

@ norte's "No happy ending for you Moose, I'm sorry"

Normal happy ending or Robot Chicken happy ending?