Wednesday, December 12

Posters Desperate to Ruin He Score, He Shoot

Do you know anyone in your life who has a real good thing going and just doesn't seem to do the best things for themselves? Someone who doesn't take advantage of a great situation or just lets the opportunity to rule just pass them by? Well, now you know two.

We have about two dozen people to write posts on two different teams in two different conferences in one of the most prestigious leagues in the world about a game that is played almost everywhere, but for some reason we here at HS/HS just have a problem taking any of those concepts and turning them into what you, the laymen, would call, "A New Post". Or "Something to Read". Or, "Something New to Read". Or "Something New Written By Those Lazy Assholes Over at That Blog I Used to Visit". It pisses me off there aren't more posts. 10 minutes ago when I started this one, I actually said to myself that I should get Loser Domi on here to write. She's someone who puts stuff up. If she wrote 1 thing, that would be 100% more than some people put up here in a month. At the time I was 90% kidding. Dix minutos later I'm 90% serious.


I watched the Leafs/Lightning game today and I don't know what is more perfect, manly and excellent: The way the Leafs played that game, or my current playoff beard. At any other time, my beard would take this one in a walk, but not this time. THAT is how great the Leafs played.
Facing "Worlds Greatest Dad" Vincent Lacavalier, who has 807 points on the year, the Leafs kept him to 2 shots and a -1 in the game; and this is a guy who had almost almost 23 minutes in ice-time.
The Leaf PK kept the T-Bay 0 for 5, while the powerplay looked dynamic for the first time this season going 2/3. That's (64...65...) 66%! Every line scored, including the forth line as Kilger gets two. The bomb pass from Kaberle to Sundin for the breakaway backhander was just so classic for both of them.


Jaredoflondon said...

my playoff beard will knife fight your playoff beard.

Loser Domi said...

@jaredoflondon: +2 for the Bigger than Cheeses reference

Funny--I was just thinking of how you said that if I was gone, you readship would dwindle, but then you didn't update till now. And every day from Saturday til now I was thinking, "Well, if you updated I would read" While I am honoured that you would think of me for authorship, I really wouldn't contribute that much. Yes I put stuff up, but it isn't that much:stolen jokes, YouTube's not that much original. And what is orignal isn't that great. I mean, I called Zdeno Chara a sex god, fer Chrissake!

Jaredoflondon said...

you will never live that down

and BTC rocks

Loser Domi said...

The image of two playoff beards knife fighting was worth the extra +1. I know that it is something that I would pay multiple dollars to see