Saturday, February 23

Boom Goes the Dynamite

It’s Saturday, a little past 10 in the morning, my two and a half year old is sitting on my lap watching cartoons and pretending to play flute with his nose. It’s the first time in his lifetime (barring injury) that Mats Sundin may not be in the lineup for HNIC. Quite frankly that may as well be happening to all of us as well. I don’t want to remember a game where #13 wasn’t playing. In fact I don’t even like typing this now. This is speculation of course…and with the flu running rampant through the dressing room…Mats might not be out there for that reason. Either way I feel like I should be wearing a black armband.

At three days and counting…its getting to a point (for me) where I just want to see him go. I dated a women in the 90’s that this reminds me of. I knew she was leaving me and it was just a matter of when. Did I like sharing my bed with her, of course, but at that point (knowing it was done) the easiest thing was to say goodbye.

There is a Huey Lewis lyric that reminds me of both situations:
Cause she’s heart and soul. She’s got it all, hot loving every night.

To me not only does that lyric prove that the Back to the Future soundtrack isn’t as bad as you remember but that, once again, I am trying to mask my pain with humor.


Greener said...

I mask my pain by commenting on people's blog posts. So, Norte, how's it going?

Loser Domi said...

I mask my pain by hunor as well, and also by pretending it's not there.