Sunday, February 10


A few months ago, Greener and I were re-living the gore of Clint Malarchuk's severed jugular vein via the magic Youtube. Tonight in Buffalo, also the site of the Malarchuk's incident in 1989, Richard Zednik was struck in the neck by a teammate's (Olli Jokinen) skate.

I've watched the Panthers a lot this season and was watching tonight as well. I feared the worst, and judging from the reaction of his teammates, so did they. It was bad. I could post some scratchy Youtube clip, but the faces of the fans in this picture tell the story even better.

Zednik had emergency surgery and is listed in stable condition. Thankfully, one of the Sabres medical staff was able to locate the severed vein and pinch it off to stop the bleeding on the way to the hospital.

Best wishes all around.


Norte said...

I would say great post but that just seems wrong. Thank fully it looks like he's gonna be ok.

Loser Domi said...

@norte: well, it is good writing, capturing the spirit of the thing, etc. And it is good that he's going to be ok. I saw the video and the screenshots one of the Deadspinners got, and all I could think was , "Oh SHITE, SHITE SHITE!"
But he'll be ok, Yikes

Chemmy said...

That Deadspinner, sba, is a friend of mine. Good guy, lives in Buffalo and lets me stay at his house on my way to Toronto despite the fact that I wear a Leafs jersey at all times.

I'm so glad Zednik is ok, I always thought he was a good player. I came off the ice last night, sat down at the bar and on Sportscenter on the 120" projector screen in front of me was Zednik's carotid artery spewing blood everywhere. That's pretty scary stuff.

Washingtron said...

I was watching espn in the palm desert shadow ridge resort gym. There were fifteen septegenarians in their golf clothes and me just staring in shock. I actually got a little dizzy. How remarkable that he's stable now. Best wishes to him.