Sunday, June 8

Sex, Drugs, and Shiving: HS/HS Radio Returns!

There's a popular opinion in musical circles that a bands third album is most likely to be its masterpiece. The theory being: A debut usually features songs the musicians have been crafting for years and thus, are fantastic. The follow-up usually suffers because it's rushed, and put together to cash in on the new found success; the sophomore slump. Then, it's make or break time.

So when HS/HS went into the studio to lay down "Podcast #3", we were mindful of the pressure. Could we still bring it? Another "OK Computer" or "London Calling"? Or would it go all "Van Halen III" on us?

The reviews are beginning to leak out, and just look what the critics are saying:
"30 minutes you'll never get back."
- Rolling Stone

- Spin

"Not a total waste of $8 in monthly hosting fees."
- Q Magazine
Such was the magnitude of the event, that CNBC stopped by for sneak peak at our studio sessions. Here's a screencap:

Just click on the post title above, or HERE. We hope everyone enjoys!


Greener said...

My legs look great.

eyebleaf said...

squawk box!? i am utterly impressed.

PPP said...

:23? Really? Damn you.

Greener said...

PPP: When I read your over/under comment, I just started laughing!

Heather said...

I have always wanted to be part of a riot.

Moose said...

Geez, NTELOS Holdings was down to 21.33? Gotta call the broker.

PPP: I take it you didn't bet the under?

Jaredoflondon said...

Right to the jugular on that one eh Moose?
First Podcast I've had the honor(?) of listening to, I can see why PPP's dander gets up.

Congrats on nailing my character perfectly!

Greener said...

You're a good guy, Jared.

PPP said...

Moose - I was anticipating that you'd wait for the signoff before mentioning 93 but you went the other way.

I actually only made it to that point because the boss made it back into the office and I was worried about any stray f-bombs aimed at Moose causing some collateral damage.

PPP said...

Wow, I finally was able to listen the entire podcast.



So when's the next one?

Greener said...

P3: Dude, when I promise some shiving, I deliver!

We're going to try to do the podcasts more frequently. We meant what we said about everyone downloading and listening to them.

Thanks to everyone for listening/rioting. We really appreciate it!

Moose said...

As soon as my wounds heal,we'll be back at it.