Thursday, August 14

Podcast Questions? We've Got Podcast Answers

As I'm just back from Beijing where I competed in the Judo competition, placing 77th out of a field of 78 - suck on that, other guy from Canada - I want to mention that we're preparing HS/HS Radio 6. I figure, why not give Moose a sixth chance to prove that he knows who the third D pairing is for the Columbus Blue Jackets. I mean, after all, that's true partnership: I organize, record, edit and post the thing while making everyone laugh, and Moose tells you who the Capitals took in the 5th round of the '98 draft. As they talk about in hip-hop: EQUALITY.

As mentioned in podcast 5, we're fielding questions from interested listeners to ask one another during the show. As we have an amazingly large contingent of listeners from North Carolina, I expect many questions to range from "Hey, Moose, what kind of Tobacco do you chaw?" and, "Hi Greener, what kind of tobacco do you think Eric Staal chaws?" Upon further review I realize I just killed the chance of questions from North Carolina.

The questions can be straight-up about hockey, or, take a more personal angle. Here are two we've already recieved:

Greener, having to work with Moose, how do you do it?
signed, Everybody.
Moose, why is Greener such an overbearing dick?
sincerely, Moose23.
Unfortunately, that last question has been taken out of the competition due to poor grammar.

So please send your questions in to, and subject them to be for me or for Moose. Questions for Norte will be answered by proxy by us, as he has a terrible canker in his mouth, which has to heal so he can get his saxophone playing back up and running.

We're looking forward to your questions. As always, we know you have a choice in podcast questions to send, and we appreciate you choosing HS/HS Radio, serving you since just now.


Norte said...

Peace, unity, love and having fun

Greener said...

See? Norte's getting it!

"Dave Schultz" said...

And I want more singing.

Jaredoflondon said...

I wanna know whats up with all the gay undertones, I mean HE score HE shoot? And Mooses....well just Moose.

Norte said...

Hey Jared -


Washingtron said...

that was a funny series of words I just put in my eyes. Thanks!

Connie said...

I heart Moose... er, I mean, I heart Greener. Wait.. what?

endwithstyle said...

I would like to know who does the fabulous Photoshops for the blog.

endwithstyle said...

And where I can take lessons.

Greener said...

Hi EWS. Your words mean a lot. I do most of them. Certainly the ones this spring/summer. Norte did the genius "Ask Moose, Ask Greener" poster for this post.

You can see most of them here:

As for the lessons, get to L.A. much?

endwithstyle said...

@ Greener: Haha, can't say that I do. The furthest west this chica has gone is Ohio. :P