Thursday, January 8

Hypocrisy 1, Leafs 0

It takes a big man to say a bunch of meaningful things in front of a ton of reporters running devices like cameras and microphones, and then, six months later, do EXACTLY the opposite. How big? Oh, about 6'5, 231 lbs.

Mats Sundin leapt straight into the race for the Stanley Cup by playing his first game last night with the Vancouver Canucks. A team that features... uh... that guy... and, um... those dudes with the goatee's... oh, and Kyle Wellwood! Hmm, with the exception of the (injured) Roberto Luongo, sounds a lot like last years' Leafs; the team he left.

Sundin was always a good politician - saying only what was necessary to say, in polite, flat tones - and like every successful politician, he knows what to say to get all the suckers out there to support him, in spite of the fact that he was made by an elderly woodcarver and hangs out with an sentient cricket.

Don't get me wrong. Posts like this one aren't howling because Sundin went and dared sign with a club other than the Leafs. Look, I get it. Sundin had a NTC and had every right to use it. And naturally, any player has the right to sign with whomever he wants upon contract expiration; that's why contracts aren't for life. The problem with Sundin are the sweetums he uttered which millions of us stood behind, even though we knew it was costing the Leafs dearly. The most notable of these bon mots being:

"I have never believed in the concept of a rental player. It is my belief that winning the Stanley Cup is the greatest thing you can achieve in hockey but for me, in order to appreciate it you have to have been part of the entire journey and that means October through June. I hope everyone will understand and respect my decision."
Well, we sure did then. We respected this man's desire to stay a Leaf. Most of us (ok, I) applauded him for wanting to stay and fight it out in a Toronto sweater, when a lot of lesser players would have headed to San Jose, or, (gasp!) Montreal.

But he didn't. He stayed, denied the Leafs an astonishing bounty of picks and players a trade would have brung, then he fucked around over-fishing Lake Blörk Blörk until he got bored and decided to rejoin the NHL but not from October through June. More like January till whenever the Canucks get knocked out of the first round. Yup, that's meaningful.


Loser Domi said...

wikipedia is so helpful in times like these

Chemmy said...

Hypocrisy: Greener expects me to comment on his articles yet he never comments on mine.

More importantly, I finally listened to your latest podcast while shoveling snow and greatly enjoyed the part about me. In the future you guys should do more podcasts and talk about me.

blurr1974 said...

who's Mats Sundin...? He sounds a lot like this guy I remember, but he's dead to me now...

eyebleaf said...

This is the first, and hopefully last, time I'll ever quote Damien Cox. But I completely agree with him. Actually, he completely agrees with me, because he totally stole my schtick:

"Still, it's remarkable to hear people accuse Sundin of hypocrisy and disloyalty as he exits. He was as loyal to the Leafs as they ever were to him. This was a team that tried to browbeat him into waiving the very same no-trade provisions it had given him, and yet standing by the terms of his contract was interpreted as treason by some.

And hypocrisy? There are those who say that because Sundin said last season he didn't want to be a rental and join a new team partway through the season means his decision to join the Canucks now is hypocritical.

Not even close. First of all, what one of us out there might have thought one way about their job situation last February, and very differently today? Adults change their minds. Working people change their minds. Millionaire athletes change their minds.

That doesn't make it hypocrisy."

Moose said...

"That doesn't make it hypocrisy."

Uh...yes it does.

1) The highest ranking amongst pseudo-intellectuals is reserved for sportswriters who try to apply everyday life standards to sports and athletes. That's some bullshit. You know what? If I bite my co-worker in a break room brawl, I'm pretty sure I'm out of a fucking job! If Cox wants to play that game, then take it both ways. Nobody is saying Sundin doesn't have the RIGHT to do what he did, just call it what it is. OF COURSE IT'S HYPOCRISY!

2) Nav, for good measure you should have thrown in a "stick it to the Leafs" line about Kyle Wellwood. That would have assured you a spot on the next podcast and in Greener's heart.

Now we have to talk about Chemmy's stress level upon finding out the laser he's designing is being used to kill a man from space. BOOORRRING!

eyebleaf said...

We'll agree to disagree.

Greener said...

Uhhh,'s in Wikipedia? You can't make that shit up.

LeafFanInVan said...

Damn, I wish I could bite co-workers in a lunch room brawl. That would make the work day just so much more interesting!

After watching the last couple of games with Mats in, I think he's a plant to bring down the Canucks. He's taken two dumb penalties that have arguably cost them the game so far. The announcers say it's because he's just getting back into the game, but I know the truth..