Saturday, August 11

Don't Believe The Hype

Tales From A Beer League...

I read somewhere (oh yeah, here) that you can't beat 'Greener' on a face-off. Well, in the midst of our 8-3 drubbing on Thursday night I heard a couple of fans behind our bench making comparisons with NHL face-off king Yanic Perrault:

Fan #1: "For fucks sake, is this guy ever going to win a draw?"

Fan #2: "Yeah, he's not exactly Yanic Perrault, is he?"

It seems you actually CAN win a face-off from Greener. A lot of them.

I don't want to disparage the guy too much, he does in fact have his nights of Jarret Stoll-like magic when he'll go 21-for-23. On Thursday his magic made our puck possession disappear. However, I must say he is very coachable and takes instructions well. Late in the third period, while lining up behind him, I said "One fucking time, Greener!"...right on my tape.

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