Thursday, August 16

Easiest Job of All Time

Time for me to weigh in with my NHL Dream Team since everyone else seems to be doing it. Note to you all, were you to jump off a bridge, just swim to your left because here I come! Furthermore, despite the fact that I've handcuffed my team to only people who have ever played for the Oilers, this one was super easy. Blogging rules.

1st Line - Klima - Klima - Klima

Now, I know what you're thinking, Klima at center? Well, with his occasional strength on the puck and sometimes selfless play he'd actually be quite good there. I once saw him pass to another player! Imagine how hard that must have been for him! I mean, you're on the ice, you have the puck, you know that with the tiniest ounce of expended energy you could easily go end to end (a feat in itself when you've never even been in your own end) and yet, whether it was one too many during the pregame skate or losing sight of the puck while yawning and accidentally sending it linemateward, you dip a toe into that pool we all call teamwork. Sadly, you find that this pool has not been chlorinated in a while and instantly remove it vowing never to tread in those murky waters again. Still. Imagine!
2nd Line - Klima - Klima - Klima

A perfect compliment to the strenghts and weaknesses of the first line. And how can a team match up against two all-Klima lines? Answer? They wouldn't have to! At most only two Klima's in six would show up anyway, lulling the opposing team into a deep, dream-filled sleep, a gauzy landscape of sno-cones and puck-bunnies, whilst any of the third line Klima's mails the puck into the net.
3rd Line - Klima - Klima - Alexei Kaigorodov
This one's a no brainer.
4th Line - Klima - Klima - Klima

A crushing, grinding, defensive force and perhaps the one for which three Klima's are best suited considering the amount of time spent on the fourth line when actually sent out on the ice at all. These would be the benched Klima's, and who better to play a semi-defensive role than a talented group of forwards who have nothing to do but watch the other team play. Assuming this line stayed on the bench and didn't wander into the Gold Club section and have at the buffet, this truly would be a line to be reckoned with.

Goal - Jaoquin Gage - Pokey Reddick
There! Done it! Easy! And anyone who dares disagree with this can go straight to hell! That means you Greener!


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