Tuesday, September 18


Hey Greener and Norte!

I don't know if you heard, but the Oilers appear to have beaten the Leafs 3-2. In OT. After killing off a penalty. So... anyway that's pretty cool though, right?

Wash and Moose
PS: "Pogge" Reddick seemed to play okay, so keep your chins up.


Moose said...

"Pogge" Reddick...wow.

Greener said...

THIS is what I waited all summer for you to write?! Jesus Christ.

Moose said...

Hey, I think "Pogge" Reddick was worth it...but that's just me. On the bright side, Brian McCabe absolutely creamed Anson Carter and knocked him out with a concussion. Oh wait, that's the bright side for US!

Washingtron said...

Just wait till you see what I do with Steen!