Tuesday, September 18

Laraque nonplussed by Penner...

Made up rumors from the Oilers camp (e4) are saying that Georges Laraque has issued an old timey fisticuffs challenge to new Oiler gajillionaire Dustin Penner. Apparently Laraque has taken offense to Penner's choice of number. Penner settled on Laraque's #27 because the number has some emotional relevance. First, he now sits in the 27th tax bracket, a brand new bracket for Canadian tax systems. Also, it is the likely number of points that he will score this year. Finally, 27 is the number of games he hopes to miss from a mid season concussion. "My fingers are crossed and my head is down," chuckled Penner ominously. Laraque expressed his wish to, quote, "Put up (his) dukes", at a Press Conference shortly after the Pittsburgh Penguins match against the Montreal Canadians in which he broke a young gentleman on the opposing team's orbital bone with his massive iron fist. He concluded the press conference tearfully, stating "How are the Oilers going to retire my jersey now?" The proposed dust-up is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 25 this year, with the undercard match of Boyd Deveraux vs. a real life kangaroo. In skates.

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