Wednesday, September 26

Douche Du Jour


It's a bird, it's a wait it's another "tough" guy flying through the air because he never learned how to throw a check. I hate to pump anything to do with Eklund and his joke of a site, but Daniel Tolensky's column today has it exactly right. In order for the NHL to do something about head shots and cheap hits it's going to take Sydney Crosby getting it from some 4th liner hopped-up on Sudafed, trying to make a name for himself.

This BS "code" in the NHL about "keeping your head up" or "don't admire your pass". That's the kinda thing fans say to act like they know what the game is about. If you believe that shit, you've probably never played organized hockey. I didn't realize having your head down for a brief second was an invitation to a life of eating out of a tube. What about respecting your fellow players?

That being said, I'm sure Don Cherry will clear Steve Downie of any wrong doing in the all important court of public opinion, "He's a good, tough Canadian boy!" Right?


Washingtron said...

What announcer was it that said "He sorta left his feet there?" His skate blade could've been called for high sticking!

Norte said...

Its was a fucking disgusting hit....count how long after he releases the pass that he gets it. This is the exactly the case that the NHL can use as its line in the sand. Intent to injure....can you say Marty Mcsorley? This, to me, is 40 game worthy (at least).