Wednesday, September 26

Leading With Your Head

For those of you not lucky enough to know me, I'm a half glass half-full kind of guy. I try and take a thoughtful look at things and situations before I make up my mind. I try to think with my head first, and with my heart second. Now, having said all that, goddamn it we got fucking smoked at home 7-2 by Buffalo!
Our average team height is good enough to start for Serbia at the Olympics, and all 5' nothing Derek Roy did was score 6 points on the night. Now, of course it's only pre-season, and a lot of guys need something real to play for in order to get it up. Not to mention guys are sore and still getting into game shape, or the kids in the game and may be squeezing the stick too tight, trying to impress. Ultimately none of Roy's six points really matter at all. It just bugs me because now the choked screams of the negativo's who scavenge the enormous Leaf Nation tableau will needlessly be all the louder.

I listen to it and read it every day. The people who write nothing but the bad because when you're lazy, and you have to write something, going negative is always the easy decision.
For example, (and I see this one A LOT) columnists who portray how dire the Leafs non post-season-making woes by yelping, "The Leafs haven't made the playoffs in THREE seasons!!" Uh, hey fuckmouth, there was no season, three seasons ago. NO ONE made the playoffs three seasons ago. It's only been two since the Leafs last made it 2, and 1 point(s) respectively. Oh, is that the sky falling? No, it's just your credibility. And by the way, you're sitting on your balls.

In other news, I'm proud of how the Leafs have responded to the POS Steve Downie hit on Dean McAmmond. There seems to be some real indignation about this one. Jason Blake went so far as to say that Downie should be kicked out of the league. Downie said the usual about he's got to do what he's got to do to get himself noticed and play a role on the team. If that's the case, then what kind of fucking organization do they have down there? There's no one else who can take a fourth line spot for the Flyers? No one else who can get noticed by, oh I don't know, playing hockey with any appreciable level of skill? See Moose's post a few doors down. He nailed it. The bizarre blame the victim thinking behind the whole "he didn't have his head up" shit. Or the, "he was admiring his pass" thing. Well how about the little ditty that says you can admire the pass because after you've made it, you're not supposed to be hit in the first place. See Kaberle vs. that creep Cam Janssen.

There are a lot of people yelling about this one. Maybe this is the final straw...or part of the final straw...or some kind of straw that will finally get Gary Bettman to stop jerking off to pictures of larger nets or franchises in Oklahoma, and start taking a real and meaningful stand on these kinds of hits made by these kinds of players.


J-Kiwi said...

Bettman doesn't need to be jacking off, the group that he allowed to buy the nashville predators is surely giving him the ol' courtesy reach around.

i wish i could "Downie" Bettman in the wind pipe. (too soon?)

Moose said...

good stuff