Thursday, September 27

MacT refuses cuts, goes into season with 98 players...

Woohoo! The Oilers are the greatest team in the preseason (of the teams I follow)! Alright, I understand its just the preseason and if ever there was a city that gets their hopes up in some sort of masochistic ritual year after year its Edmonton. However, this squad has dressed more youth game to game, and played against some teams with more veterans, and still come out on top 5 of 6 times. Also, it really does seem to me that they have been a fair representation of the Oilers I imagined I'd be seeing this year. Which is to say, a lot of youth, not enough defensive play, a heavy leaning on the goalies. What I didn't anticipate was that they would find any success with that particular equation. And here I am getting ahead of myself again. See!? Its a disease! Do they have AA for Oiler fans? "Hello, my name is Washingtron, and I believe that Andrew Cogliano could score 50 goals this year based on his preseason performance."
The "Great" 1st Line Center Debate:
Apparently there's been a bit of fuss about Shawn Horcoff's not playing at center on the first line once this season starts. MacT indicated yesterday that it had been blown out of proportion a little bit, but did say that it was "unfortunate (Horcoff) is in a position to defend his position". Admittedly MacT uses the word "unfortunate" more than "the", and "the" is the most commonly used word in English! I know! I looked it up on Wikipedia! I'm doing my research people! Back to the matter at hand, Horc at 1st line center. There are a few things to look at on this issue:
1. He's going to start the season at first line center no matter what. The fact that he has 5 points in 3 preseason games aside, he makes the most money of all the centers and it does seem in today's NHL that your salary dictates your playing time more often than not. Which is why Scott Gomez is going to play 36 hours a game.
2. Its too bad he will be starting at center, because more than anything Hemsky needs a trigger man there. That's one of the leading reasons he is not getting a lot more points a season. He's a setup man, he will never be a shooter as Moose said many posts ago, so put a center on that line that can put the puck in the net! "Oh, but Penner'll be on that line!" Well phooey! He's on the entire other side of the ice! That's not an easy set-up to make. If you need a scoring center, who do you put there instead?
3. Jarret Stoll? I voted on in the big "1st line center poll", sorry Schremp, it doesn't seem like you won this one. Horcoff is by far the leader here, and Stoll, my vote, only had 16%! Less than Cogliano! I get that people are gun shy about his mushy brains, but the guy can put the puck in the net every once in a while. Generally from the point, but still, we need someone who can get some wood on Hemsky's passes (other than Moose, who just got wood at my having mentioned Hemsky's name). At this stage, in all honesty, Cogs qualifies in this role, but he can't do it and we all know that. I think Stoll is the closest thing. He was the best player on the team last year before he went all wonky. Isn't that who you want at the top?

It's time! Grab a double double and enjoy a dip in my...
Schremp says buh-bye and the evolution of a nickname
You knew it was coming, it did. If I'm Schremp I'm only surprised that Tim "Zesty Nacho" Sestito outlived me at the big club. I'm going to attempt a new, extremely convoluted nickname for Robbie here. I feel particularly qualified as I've had great success with nicknames in the past. Some of my greatest hits. Scott Ferguson = "Turd" Ferguson. Ryan Smyth = "Rhino", I even wrote that one into the Journal but it didn't take, I was sick of "Smitty" being allowed on a team with more than one Smith. Steve Staios = "The Goat". Dominic Pittis = "Baby Fishmouth". That's the best one. Even if only for the fact that I felt it necessary at one point in my life to give Dominic Pittis a nickname.
So its time for Schremp. Follow along here...
Robbie Schremp = Robbie Shrimp
Robbie Shrimp = Shrimp Boat Captain
Shrimp Boat Captain = Bubba Gump
Bubba Gump = Bubba
So! I'm calling Robbie Schremp "Bubba" from here on in when I play him in NHL 08.
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Moose said...

I call my girlfriend "Bubba". No lie. Now I'm emotionally confused...thanks, Wash.

Washingtron said...

don't you mean "sexually" confused?

J-Kiwi said...

That Gomez line just made the hockey hall of fame.

Moose said...

No, I definitely want to have sex with Rob Schremp. No confusion there.