Thursday, September 27

I don't know, where do YOU want to eat?

Tough choices or indecision?

Do you think that when the Oiler coaches go out to lunch they let MacT choose the restaurant? For fucks sake, man. There's one pre-season game left and today they trimmed the roster down to 31 players! Make a decision already! Charlie Huddy is hungry and he needs to know whether it's gonna be poutine (Mathieu Roy) or double cheeseburgers (Tom Gilbert). Does Billy Moores get an ice cream sundae (Sam Gagner) or stale cookies (Anson Carter)? And why the hell are we still talking about going to Sizzler (Tyler Spurgeon)?

Granted, we knew the log-jam on the blueline would be difficult to sort, and the decisions regarding Gagner and Cogliano are tough because they have a direct effect on Carter and Pouliot. But the delay makes me think that Lowe is working the phones a bit. Also, the fact that Jacques hasn't been sent out makes you wonder if he's played his way back ahead of Stortini. I don't have an explanation for Tyler Spurgeon. Maybe Cal Nichols wants him to be his personal cabana boy.

Stay tuned.

Moose's Season Preview coming this weekend!

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