Saturday, September 22

Oil 5, Calgary 4 (OT); Cogliano shines again

Andrew Cogliano jumped to the head of the queue of Oiler rookies with another strong performance in Calgary, including the the game-winner in overtime. As it stands right now, his speed is too big of a weapon to ignore and he's also sound defensively. Over to you Sam Gagner.

Calgary fell to 0-4 in the pre-season, and this after being bag skated by Mike Keenan earlier this week. It's pre-season! Have fun with that Cowtown.

Additional thoughts:

- Calgary dressed their top five D-men (only Warrener missing) and Kiprusoff went the whole way, so it was a good test for a young Oiler group tonight.

- A little cause for concern as Ethan Moreau left the game with an ankle bruise. No x-rays taken yet, but MacT said they don't think it's broken. Hopefully it's not too serious. The Oilers can't afford to be without 'Chopper' for any extended period of time.

- Schremp played his best game of the pre-season and got increased ice-time with the Moreau injury. He still has a couple games left to make an impression, and he hasn't yet played with really skilled linemates. With the possibility of the team carrying eight defencemen to start the year, he really needs to step-up in these last few games.

- Robert Nilsson and Kyle Brodziak solidified their spots, earning more praise from MacT. The roster seems to be quickly sorting itself out.

- At age 18, Gagner would need to really 'wow' KL & MacT to justify burning a year of free agency. Had some of the other young guys not made an impact I could see it, but that's clearly not the case thus far.

- There's gonna have to be a trade on the back-end, Gilbert (who deserves to be on the team) is the only guy they can send down, and Mathieu Roy probably won't clear waivers. Who's going? Well let's start with who's not going: Souray, Pitkanen, Tarnstrom, Staios. That leaves Smid, Greene, Grebeshkov, Gilbert and Roy. It all depends on how big a deal Lowe wants to make, as some of those names would fetch a higher return. The landscape of any deal certainly changes if one of the young forwards can come in and provide offence. If they need to bring in an established scoring forward, Smid, Greene and Gilbert are the guys most teams would be interested in.

Oil in Phoenix on Tuesday with next cuts coming Wednesday, according to MacT.

Leafs also won tonight; interested to get Greener or Norte's thoughts on the impact of the Wellwood news. Wait it's bad news, so it'll probably get lost in the same black hole that ate Mark Bell.


Greener said...

Actually asshole, I'm writing about Wellwood as we speak. Also: I commented on Bell a bunch of posts ago. DO NOT lump me in with the clearly illiterate Norte, who's obviously too busy scouring the Earth for a picture of Indira Gandhi in a Calgary Stampeders uniform.

Moose said...

Indira Gandhi in a Calgary Stampeders uniform...playing pinball.

Norte said...

You cunts spoiled the suprise of my next update. Ya cunts.