Monday, October 8

Hockey 2, Cancer 0

Desperate Disease Turns To Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

Mario Lemiuex. Saku Koivu. Now, Jason Blake.

In the aftermath of learning the news today, I was taken back to what now seems like a very bizarre conversation I had with Greener on Thursday. Following the first two Ottawa games, I said to him, "Blake didn't look very good out there." He said, "In what way?" To which I had no real substantive response. "I don't know, he just seems a little off - not like himself. Maybe he's nervous." To which Greener said, "Or maybe he has Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia."

In all seriousness, I only make jokes because Cancer has affected me and my life very deeply (as it has Greener). Sometimes, being light hearted is a remedy no doctor can provide. It's likely that Cancer has been a part of your life in some way too. Whether it's a loved one, a friend, or just someone you admire, the disease has probably affected you or someone you know. If it hasn't, it will. It's just an unfortunate reality of living on this planet. Blame it on our toxified environment, the industrial revolution, Howard Berger, whomever you like. But take a few moments and devote a thought, not just to Jason Blake, but to all your fellow human beings who face this disease - and do something good for the planet today.

Good luck, Jason.

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