Monday, October 8

Toronto Maple Leafs (Greener) continue to get bad news

I am not a heartless man, and this is not a comedy post. I don't have the balls for that just now. I saw this as I checked my morning Edmonton papers online and thought I'd for sure see something about it on HSHS but as there isn't, I'll just report it.

Jason Blake has been diagnosed with leukemia.

Now according to him and his specialists there is no reason to expect he won't be able to play and continue to for a long time to come. It is a highly treatable form of the disease and as such doesn't seem to be worrying him altogether.

One would think THAT would give me free reign to scat and beepop all up and down Greener's face about the man games missed and the IR curse that seems to hover over the leafs like the pre-pubescent star of an elementary school production of Peter Pan, just crying and wetting itself. Thankully, I have more respect for humanity than that.

In all honesty, I'm sure everyone here at HSHS is sending their well wishes and positive thoughts to Jason and his family. And to a lesser degree, to Greener and Norte.