Tuesday, November 13


Forgive me for not uploading part two after Friday’s game but sometimes shit happens that gets in the way. And yes I know it’s now Tuesday. But hey…piss off.

Urgency. That’s what I have always said I missed in Raycroft’s game. Urgency. If I had an organ I would play dun dun dun. Cue dramatic music. I wouldn’t say that he stole the game on Friday but he played ‘urgent’ (Foreigner) and won the game. When you get slotted in every third of fourth game…it behooves you to play well. A shut-out is more than we can hope for. I don’t think this is the start of a goalie controversy but another good turn in the, ‘hey, lets be a great tandem team of goalies and each win games’. Goalies are a funny lot but all they want to do is win. Raycroft showed me that he is a team guy and that when he is called on, he’ll deliver. And what a save on Paetsch with a minute to go. Blocker saves look and sound as awesome as they are.

Now of course that delivery depends on the rest of the team playing their roles too. What I saw was terrific defensive zone coverage, great line changes. And anytime I see a team blocking shots….I know something is working in the dressing room. Gritty wins are good team wins. And McCabe with his second game winning goal while playing the Sabres...sure goes far in redeeming himself in my books.

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