Tuesday, November 13


Let me start by saying that I don’t condone violence and that I am far more lover than fighter. Let me also say that, in hockey terms, I respect the shit disturber. I grew up watching Essa Tikkanen bother the shit out of people while Gretz danced around them. I understand its role and that there are just some players whose value can’t be judged solely by their stats. Arguably Darcy Tucker is or has been the same type of player. That hunk of dung Sean Avery falls into that category too. But Darcy Tucker and Sean Avery are as different as apples and onions.

I don’t know if you saw the pre-game skate. But that fuckface Avery clearly did say something to Blake. Tell him he’s ugly, that his wife has big thighs, that he takes a thousand shots but can’t find the net. Say something about what he is going through and you officially enter flushable territory. I don’t know what he said, and quite frankly, I don’t really want to know. The look on Tucker’s face and the immediacy of his actions tell me everything I need to know. (As much about what was said as Tucker himself) You say some shit to my teammate about what he is going through, when that thing he is going through is fucking leukemia, and I would have my stick at jugular slicing level too. Quite frankly every player, Leaf or otherwise, should have beaten the shit out of him.

I am a team player and would come to the defense of my teammate every time, no matter what, even if it was that stump Avery. But I would know he deserved his teeth knocked in. I dislike him so much that it softens my loathing of the team from ottawa.
As Darcy said between periods, it’ll never be over between them. Instigator rule or not, somebody, everybody kick the shit out that bitch.

Stay tuned cos in my next post, I'll tell you how I really feel.


Moose said...

My favorite part of the whole incident was the fact that they both took close care to stay on their side of the redline.

Anonymous said...

only a poor, pathetic leaf fan would claim that Side-Show Bob is a hero here.

Tucker has been the extact same thing for years.

The difference is that Avery will back up his words with goals and fights.

Tucker backs them up with squirreling, and a minus 16 +/- rating.

Tucker is the epitome of everything the leafs have done wronng for the past 40 years.

Tucker sucks, McCabe Sucks, The Leafs Suck.

And they are exactly what the stupid (really stupid) Toronto Laff fans deserve.

Greener said...

Oooo, well said, "Anonymous". You criticize someone who backs his shit up, and then hide away, turtling. You and your opinion have no credibility.

Moose said...

I think what Greener meant to say was "Thanks for reading! Come again!"

Norte said...

Anonymous said Laff fans instead of Leaf fans....I take it all back. that is just very very clever.

Tricia said...

i think the leafs make me sad on more than one occasion..and the leafs are my team..just like you