Sunday, December 16

Leafs: Lose Game. Bryan McCabe: Destroys Hand. Kerry Fraser: Still Joke

I watched the Leafs lose in Montreal at Moose's house on Saturday. We had just played a hockey game that morning, and after cleaning up, I met him at his house. I brought over 2 burritos that I just bought at Benito's Taco's, the one on Beverly. I got Moose a bean and cheese and I had the machaca. I forgot Moose's side of rice, but remembered my small guacamole. I brought my own hot sauce from home, just because I'm like that.

We then watched a hockey game where one team (ie: Leafs) were totally in it the whole way save for a couple of awful lucky bouncers like the rotten first Koivu one. When Don Cherry pointed out at intermission that Koivu didn't celebrate the goal because he's unhappy in Montreal, Moose wisely screamed that it was more likely not celebrated because Koivu knew lucky Finnish bullshit when he scores it.
It was one of those games that the score doesn't give a very accurate gauge of how the teams played. This could have gone either way. That's not to take anything away from the Habs; they played exactly the way they had to, for 60 minutes, to beat a team like the Leafs. I've written very well about the Habs before; that they play way, way, way bigger than they are. Like, did you ever see that episode of "Planet Earth" where the ants attacked the tiger? Yes you did. On Saturday night.

I'm now going to write something that everyone in the world knows: Kerry Fraser is a rotten referee, father and person, and he should be forced into a life of drug addiction. It's THE LEAST he deserves. If not for jerk-with-a-mustache Rob Shick, Kerry Fraser would still be the worst ref in the NHL, but the thing that lives under that hairdo doesn't have the credibility he (holy shit!) once had. And thank Christ for it. You get cut from refereeing the Stanley Cup playoffs for a reason, as Fraser did last spring. I guess Bettman actually watched a hockey game that Fraser ruined, which basically means any game he participates in. Bettman then surprised the hockey world by actually doing something right for the game, and sent Fraser back to Philly early for a rinse, blow-dry and set.

Case in point, last Saturday. Andrei Kostitsyn CLEARLY reaches around McCabe, grabs him into the glass IN FRONT OF "referee" Fraser, no call- wow what a surprise, a Leaf gets murdered on the ice and Kerry doesn't call it. Then just to shit on the sundae, the laziest man in North America unless you're a Montreal stripper Alex Kovalev, takes it down and scores. Great work Kerry. And by great work, I mean go fuck yourself. McCabe breaks three bones in his hand and is out for 6-8 weeks. Meanwhile, Kerry Fraser is allowed behind the wheel of a motor vehicle! Where is the justice?!

Carey Price played well again, but wasn't really tested all that much to warrant a second game star by HNIC. The show is already building this kids' legend and all I have to say about it right now is that he's going to look great in a Colorado Avalanche uniform.


Loser Domi said...

Fraser's hair looks Photoshopped to me. A decently done Photoshop, but Photoshop nonetheless

Greener said...

Uh-uh Domi. That hair: Pure Fraser.