Monday, March 24


It could be worse and I’ll tell you how. Without getting into the icky bits, I was conceived in Boston. Yeah get your giggling out of the way (hands where I can see them Moose) and forgive me for working blue. My parents (and older brother) lived in Boston when one of the times my old man was giving it to my mother resulted in yours truly. You ask my brother and he’d calls them the good old days. Apparently I was two weeks away from being born when my father woke up one morning saying to himself, “there is no way any child of mine will be born in the United States.” Forgive what seems like classic anti-Americanism, its not, when it comes to my old man it’s more about being pro-Canadian. So up we moved from Boston back to Toronto.That last sentence alone tells you all you need to know. If we had stayed, had I been born an American, from Boston no less, besides the obvious statement to anyone who knows me well that I would have been one of the New Kids On The Block. I would also have been a Boston Bruins fan. We moved from Boston when my brother was nearly 5 years old, his favourite number to this day is 4, cos of Bobby Orr. Had I stayed…it would have been the Bruins all the way.

As I write this, reflecting on what could have been, knowledgeable to my core, that those same Boston Bruins, a team I have zero affinity for, will get beaten by my, your, our Toronto Maple Leafs, a team I have complete affinity for. These next two games whether we win them or not are going to be exciting. And right now I feel like we can win both games, handily, with or without Mats. I have nothing but faith and even if I’m wrong, all I care about is that it’s the Toronto Maple Leafs making me feel that way.


Chemmy said...

I went to college in Boston and live in NYC now. I'm moving back to Boston asap.

Jaredoflondon said...

NYC < Boston < Canada

one step closer Chem

Chemmy said...

Canada's pretty nice, but there's tons of hockey to be played in Boston along with better food and beer.

Sorry guys.

Greener said...

Wow, I've never heard anyone say there was better beer in the U.S. Of course, there's a lot we don't know about Sam "Chemmy" Adams lV.

tbot said...

Isn't all the beer in the states light beer?

Man, I hated Boston sooo much this season. They beat us those first three games with the worst boring hockey I can barely watch. After that 8-2 win though, I don't know what to think.

Wasn't Tim Thomas in the all-star game? Does that mean anything?

Norte said...

Chemmy are you actually saying that American beer is better than Canadian beer?
Wow -

To quote the great and mighty Monty Python: "American beer is like making love in a's fucking close to water."