Friday, April 11

Nevermind, I got it!

So imagine this: It's February 16th, and I'm getting ready to write another of my "Post of the Year" candidates, and I can't remember my password! Crazy, right? And totally true. So, to make things easier I just changed it to the same one I use for all my other accounts: RamziAbid_MVP.

Needless to say that Greener, Norte, and that guy who hacks into the site to write crazy Oilers shit, have raised the standard of excellence while I've been gone. I can only hope that "this post is likeable," just like Greener's. It's one thing to get quoted on a nationally recognized blog, but when 'Fragmentadora de Papel' brings that kind of spamlove in the comments section, it's time to start dropping "Hot Dog on a Stick" off the bottom of the resume. I mean seriously, Greener.

A Crystal Ball for an Eight Ball?

I was looking back on my pre-season predictions last night, and I see where I went wrong. I assumed that all NHL teams like to win hockey games. Turns out that's not entirely true. I'm talking to YOU Dean Lombardi. How about getting a goaltender? Not that it's an easy task in Los Angeles. I mean is there a greater source of career suicide than playing goal for the L.A. Kings? How do you think Jonathan Bernier feels when he hears that he's their "goalie of the future?" Fuck, Leonard Nimoy is still "In Search Of" Roman Cechmanek. Unfortunately, he won't find him because he's probably buried beneath Jamie Storr's sarcophagus. But whatever, thanks for Mathieu Garon.

In the wake of Jacques Martin stepping down as coach of the Florida Panthers, I think it's fair to say the considerable pressure that comes with my endorsement is too much to handle for some. Therefore, I'm not gonna saddle any of these playoff teams with that burden. But I must say, I think the Calgary Flames have a HUGE shot to go all the way. I'm just saying.

Did I Say Playoffs?

I have to admit, I'm enjoying the first few days of the playoffs a lot more than I thought I would, given that the Oilers are not involved. Perhaps it's the fact that the season ended on such a positive note for the Oil, or perhaps it's just enjoying watching great games with nothing emotionally invested. Some thoughts after Day #3:

- Owing to my family roots, Montreal is now my rooting interest and they came out like gangbusters against Boston on Thursday night. Boston tried to take it to them physically right off the drop, but about 90 seconds into the game they figured out that they are really slow. Hence the 0-8 record against the Habs this year. Scoring first against the Bruins is always key, as it prevents Claude Julien's Vulcan army from rendering hockey games lifeless.

- "Our guyths thowed a lot of guths, tonight." I believe that's a direct quote from Bryan Murray after Game 2 of the Pittsburgh-Ottawa series. They sure did. Down 3-0, in a hostile building, against a young, hungry team. Then they choked on, and threw-up those very same guts all over the ice with a minute to go in the game. This could have been a turning point for the Sens. Think about it: An injury-riddled team coming back from 3 goals down, Gerber turning back 50 shots, and then getting a split on the road? Instead they face a huge climb to get back in the series and you have to wonder if there is any temptation to risk Alfredsson earlier than they wanted to. Unfortunately, due to the nature of his injury (concussion) it's probably something only time can heal...or cheese fries.

- There's no series less worthy of my time than Calgary - San Jose. A titanic struggle to see which team has a gossamer thin layer of extra gutlessness. Throw in two of the most overrated coaches in the NHL locking horns, and it has all the drama of game of Connect Four. Your move Keenan...


If you've followed HS,HS from its inception, you know that we're big Petr Klima fans. Legend. Come playoff time, visions of Klima can't help but dance in your head. Game 1 in Boston...Triple Overtime...Stanley Cup Finals. Any of that get you horny? Tissue, Washingtron? Near as I can tell, Petr is now coaching youth hockey in Michigan, and you really can't ask for much more in a role model than Petr Klima, can you? So at this magical time of year, I thought it would be nice to post a little something about Petr. A peek inside the man behind the DUI's:

Here he is, 'doggin it' like always...

...and here's our hero, totally about to nail this chick by the fireplace after breaking into an empty house...

Happy Playoffs, everyone!


Loser Domi said...

the drama of game of Connect Four Diagonally? Pretty sneaky, sis.

Jaredoflondon said...

I've got winner!

Moose said...

LOL...I forgot about that line, Domi. Classic.