Monday, May 19

HS/HS Radio Episode 2! We Can't Believe It Either!

Never satisfied with sitting around on our laurels, mainly because we heard once that laurels go on your head, your friends here at He Score, He Shoot have gone and done what no one, especially themselves, thought they'd ever do again. No, not have another homosexual "experiment session", I mean record another episode of HS/HS Radio!

Taking painstaking hours to put together, and using the skills worthy of the finest craftsmen, Norte Wash Moose I offer up something delicious to finally take the place of that awful Counting Crows album in your iPod. You know the one. Its got that terrible song on it. No, wait. Its got those terrible songs on it.

Just click on the post title above, and begin possible enjoyment. And for God's sake, tell us what you think of it in the comments section. Moose can take it. To set the scene, here's a picture we snapped during recording. Thanks!


Heather said...

People I share a birthday with: Tina Fey and Moose's Mom.

Greener said...

Hey, happy birthday, Heather! I hope you had a great day.

Moose said...

Way to go, alienate all our Counting Crows fans.

Greener said...

We'll live.

Uh, Moose, don't you have something to say to Heather??

Heather said...

Thanks Greener. Also, excellent job as always with the podcast.

Moose said...

Oh right -

Heather, it's okay if you like The Counting Crows...

...and Happy Birthday!

PPP said...

Well, to be fair, it's:

1. Ballard
2a. Fraser
2b. Gretzky
2c. Moose
3. ottawa fans
4. montreal fans

And while I hate Moose I really like the chemistry between you two.

Keep the podcasts coming!

PPP said...

The USSR was in the middle of 19 of 23 World Championships from 1963 to 1986 and four Olympic gold medals. They were in the prime of their Big Red Machine while the 1980 version was washed up.

Lake Placid was a big deal but Henderson's goal was bigger. It was in Russia!

You should see Miracle though. It was good. Mystery Alaska, however, was not.

PPP said...

Moose, you let the senators fans in your house so that you can see their heart break in person.

Moose said...


Thanks - If Greener can ever get his act together, we definitely plan to do more.

1) I'm going to take that first comment as "Moose is on the same level as Wayne Gretzky".

2) While that sounds like a mighty statistical accomplishment by the Russians, Canadian professional players (i.e. NHLers) were not allowed to play in the World Championships for the most part. In 1970 they allowed Canada to have 9 pro's on the roster, but very few good NHLers actually played due to the tournament going on at the same time as the NHL playoffs. It wasn't until 1976 that they allowed Canada (and other nations) full access to professionals.

My point being, for the most part, Russia was beating a lot of average Canadian teams, and a bunch of European countries whose hockey programs were still developing and a shadow of what they are now (Czechs, Fins, Swedes, etc.). For me, the prime of the Big Red Machine was the mid/late '80's (KLM Line, Canada Cup teams, Rendezvous '87). I'll agree that the 1980 team was not a vintage crop but conversely, US college hockey in 1980 was nowhere near the quality of play that it is now.

3)Somehow this has morphed into a Henderson vs. Miracle argument. Again, it's apples vs. apples, really. The one thing I will say is something that Greener said in the podcast. Quoting Eruzione, he said that 99 out of 100 times the Russians would have won. Which sort of lends credence to my argument which is...that was the 1 time they didn't!

4)I work with a Senators fan...maybe we'll invite him to join us on the next podcast ;-)

Greener said...

Moose: That's Mr. PPP to you!

Heather said...

Greener, you being the powerful blogger you are, should tell the Leafs to pick my boy Dustin Tokarski. I hope they are watching the Memorial Cup, because he is one fire. And his stats are still amazing.

Moose said...

HOLY SHIT, Heather...wait until you see the post I am writing RIGHT NOW...too f'ing weird.

Heather said...

Moose, you posting it tonight?

I also wrote an epic post about Toka yesterday.

Greener said...

Heather, if the Leafs take your beloved Toka, you're invited to guest post here to tell us all about how great he'll be for the Leafs.

PPP said...

Greener: Mr. PPP is my dad.


1 - That really made me laugh.

2 - True, they weren't beating the NHL's best during their run but Europe's best also weren't over in the NHL and there were not nearly as many NHLers to begin with. If they went on a similar run now it would be far less impressive than that one if only because Canada would mention all of the stars that didn't play in the tournament...much like this year (Iginla, Lecavalier, Stajan).

For me, the prime of the Big Red Machine was the mid/late '80's (KLM Line, Canada Cup teams, Rendezvous '87). I'll agree that the 1980 team was not a vintage crop but conversely, US college hockey in 1980 was nowhere near the quality of play that it is now.

That's a fair argument but you're discounting just how washed up that Soviet team really was once they hit 1980. Actually, you touch on it by mentioning that the mid/late 80s Big Red Machine was dominant. The 1980 team had held on to long. And the US team trained together for months before the tournament. The '72 team stumbled from their cottages just in time to get the rude awakening of a lifetime against a team in its prime.

And Greener's right, Myshkin was in net over Tretiak!

3 - It's definitely apples v. apples but it's a law of hockey that the greatest moment has to lie with Canada because it's our game dammit! Plus, toss in that it capped off a three game streak of game winning goals by Toronto Maple Leaf Paul Henderson and that the dirty commies were trying to claim victory on the basis of more goals scored and that it came with 39 seconds left and that it actually won the series (the Miracle on Ice team still had to win another game!) and it has to at least get 1a status. Basically, the two games are similar to you and Gretzky.

4. Put him on next time and get Greener to work in four times as many times as possible.

Moose said...


1) Stajan = hilarious.

2) No, I said it was Myshkin. Greener said it was a Russian cyclist. Don't ever insinuate that Greener's hockey knowledge is even remotely close to mine. Apology pre-accepted.

3) Sadly I would probably vote for '72 if pressed to choose. Or Lemieux's game winner in 1987.

I've just been cast in the role of defending 1980 because I don't like the way it's minimized. I think Greener's criticism is more appropriately directed at the media that he feels has mythologized it after the fact. It's become very cliche to bash the U.S., because the government is corrupt, foreign and environmental policies are atrocious, and the people are gluttonous, arrogant, brain-dead flag waivers. Some of the backlash from those things is inherant in Greener's criticism - listen to his comments in the beginning of that topic.

A bunch of college kids (and their achievement of a lifetime) don't deserve to be saddled with that.

4) I don't think I should let Greener anywhere near this guy. It might get bloody. He calls himself a Leafs fan, yet he wore a Senators jersey to work last year on the first day of the playoffs, saying he needed to "represent Canada". Plus, when the Leafs came to L.A. this year my boss gave him his season seats to the game, screwing Greener out of them...and then he ended up not using them. He's a real fan.

PPP said...

I think I remember hearing about that story with the sens fan. I probably erased it from my memory because I would have actually killed him if it happened to me.

I think 80 was still huge (I loved the movie!) and I agree with Greener's remarks about the mythology that has grown about the team (they'd never played hockey before! The Soviets used robots!) but even at a pure hockey level, disregarding the follies of the US government in the 28 years since, 1972 was bigger and I bet if Henderson was an Oiler that you'd agree ;)

87 was massive too.

Moose said...

That's entirely possible...I wasnt really thinking about it from the perspective of Henderson being a Leaf, I'm sure that adds to it for you guys.

Based on what you and Greener have both said, I guess I will grudgingly watch that movie.

Greener said...

The Henderson/Leaf connection doesn't enter into it. That's never even occurred to me.

PPP said...

I kid about the Leaf connection.

Although, I think it's hilarious that people try to keep Henderson out of the Hall of Fame (decent career, THREE of the biggest goals in Canadian history) because they don't want to water it down. I suspect there is some anti-Leaf bias there.

As for Miracle, Kirk Russell's best role since Captain Ron.

Moose said...

I love Captain Ron.

Greener said...

Jesus Moose, just look at you trying to kiss up to PPP now. Ball up, man. The guy hates you. Simple.

Moose said...

If you've seen Captain Ron, you'd know that was kissing up to Kurt Russell.

BTW, we all stand corrected...I was watching NHL Network today, and they had a Top 10 US Hockey moments show. Tretiak WAS in goal. He was pulled after giving up 2 soft goals in the first period.

PPP said...

I actually knew that Tretiak started but anytime you pull the world's greatest goalie after just 2 soft goals the rest of the game becomes null and void.