Tuesday, May 20

Indian or Chief?

Sloppy Seconds of Dustin Tokarski

Just watching the Memorial Cup this week, and one guy has really stood out: Spokane netminder Dustin Tokarski. The guy has been on a tear since the WHL playoffs started, and hasn't dropped off in this tournament.

"Dusty" or "Toks," or whatever highly imaginative nickname his teammates have given him, had a great regular season. He ranked 5th in the WHL in wins (30), 3rd in GAA (2.05), 2nd in shutouts (6), and first in save percentage (.922). But he was even better in the WHL playoffs, going 16-2, posting a 1.38, with a .944 save percentage and 3 shutouts. Those are pretty gaudy numbers. He reads the play well, his positioning is great, and he seems to make that timely big save.

I can't get my head around the fact that this kid is ranked 9th by Central Scouting among North American goalies for this years' draft. ISS has him ranked 5th among ALL goalies, which seems a tad more accurate, but if there are a handful better than him in this draft, then it must be a very strong crop. Want proof? Here is Central Scouting's #1 ranked goalie Thomas McCollum:

Uh...well, I'm just saying. Tokarski has been climbing the charts on a lot of scouts lists, and I would expect he could crack the 2nd round by the time the Memorial Cup is in the books. He's been dynamite when it matters most. But don't take my word for it, I'm obviously not his only fan.

Good to see the Chiefs back in the Memorial Cup Final. I became something of a minor fan back in the Falloon-Whitney days. More Memorial Cup thoughts in a couple days.

Edit (7:26pm): Special thanks to Heather, who obviously used her telepathic powers to inspire this post, and is clearly a good judge of hockey talent.


Heather said...

Thanks, Moose.

I've had Tokarski's number since last season. When he was the backup goalie. Can you believe that? And the rankings really, really pissed me off. It has me wondering their criteria for for ranking. In the end, Toka ended up besting Pickard (ranked 2nd or maybe it is 3rd) and proving his strength in overtime. He should have been in the top five.

Those seven teams who passed him over are now kicking themselves.

Moose said...
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Moose said...

Hey Heather,

You're welcome. At first I thought it was so random that I was writing about him when you posted that comment. Then I went to your blog and I realized it wasn't random AT ALL!

Pickard is #1 on the ISS list and he outplayed him by all accounts. Like I said, I suspect with the sheer number of scouts that watch that tournament he will end up getting taken in the top 60 picks - probably one of the first 5 goalies taken.

Hey, is Jared Spurgeon related to Tyler Spurgeon (Oilers prospect)?

Keep up the good work...I've got a few other Chiefs thoughts for a post later this week.

Heather said...

Yes, Tyler is related to Jared. I just can't remember which is older off of the top of my head.

Also related; Drayson Bowman and Collin. Collin is younger and Drayson is a Carolina pick.

Moose said...

Thanks! Tyler has to be older because he's with our AHL affiliate.

Yeah, Bowman has been great too...that kid can shoot.

Greener said...

Heather, that may be the first picture of a woman on HS/HS not used for the purpose of ridicule and/or mockery. Congratulations.

Heather said...

And I would proudly wear a Toka Leafs jersey if it happens. And you could post it here. As long as the non-mocking rule is still in effect.

Moose said...

He's gonna look great in an Oilers jersey.

Greener said...

Someone's got to.

Moose said...

You really wanna go there?

Loser Domi said...

yay Heather!