Saturday, May 24

On The Record

The Quickest Finals Preview Ever

About 15 minutes from the drop of the puck for Game 1, and sitting here at a Memorial Day (weekend) BBQ. Thought this would be a good time to get away from the damp weather, carcinogenic meats, and a bunch of tattooed hipsters I've never met. Let's get down on the record for the Stanley Cup Finals.

For all the comparisons of these Penguins to those Oilers, people forget there first came the Islanders. The young Oilers took the league by storm, until they ran into an experienced, veteran-laden, and talented bunch from Long Island. The lessons from that failure ultimately turned the Oilers into the great team they would become. I think the Red Wings will teach the Penguins how to become champions. Detroit in 5.

Greener wanted me to pass on that he likes Pittsburgh in 3. Enjoy!


Greener said...

You bet. These best of 5 series aren't a cakewalk, you know.

Incidentally, how many people at this BBQ are wearing fishnet body stockings? I'm just saying.

eyebleaf said...

beautiful post. i took detroit in 6. and that is one beautiful fackin ring.

Moose said...

greener: just me

eyebleaf: gary roberts = healthy scratch? isn't this exactly why you get guys like him?