Tuesday, December 16

All Jeremy Williams Does Is Score: Leafs Sure to Get Rid of Him

In regards to Toronto's recent success at the NHL draft, history will have to work extra hard to smile upon the Leafs. I'm not saying that the "cupboard is bare" analogy is completely appropriate, but I will mention that under "Career Highlights", the Leafs draft day C.V. lists such illuminati as Kris Vernarsky, Karel Pilar and everybody's favorite (C? LW? RW? D?) Nicolas Corbeil.

Well, perhaps the ol' TML resume just got some much needed padding from Glenavon, Saskatchewan called Jeremy Williams.

Glenavon, with a population of 104- roughly the number of people in Ottawa who'll show up next year to watch the Senators- released young Williams in 2003 to the waiting hands of an organization which knows how to nurture and develop its homegrown talent. Wait, no. What I meant to say was an organization that knows how to trade its homegrown talent for Yanic Perreault.

So all Jeremy Williams does is score and look great in a Leafs uniform, two things of which only the former is really hard. He's taken 7 shots with the Leafs this season, and scored on 3 of them. For those of us out there who're obsessive compulsive, and really, who isn't, it breaks down like this:

To contrast and compare those numbers: If say, I were on the Leafs, my call up stat would look something like this:

Now, in all seriousness, which of us would YOU send down?!


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Connie said...

Now, in all seriousness, which of us would YOU send down?!

I'd still send your ass down.

"Dave Schultz" said...

I'm with Connie on this one.

Moose said...

Wasn't Yanic Perrault a Leafs draft pick? So just for the record, you trade away homegrown talent to get back homegrown talent that you traded away.

The Meatriarchy said...

Karel Pilar was a great prospect - it was just the heart problem that ended his career. Otherwise he showed signs of being a Tomas Kaberle type of player.

Connie said...

Greener is too afraid to come back to this post and comment. Success!