Sunday, December 14

HS/HS Radio 7! Number, No Longer Lucky

I once sent away for a VHS dub to be made of a Japanese version of "Planet of the Apes". I threw caution to the wind (and money down the internet), at some dubbing house in the Far East, with dreams of actors in pathetic gorilla suits driving Cadillac's, supported by poorly executed voice acting. Four months later a package came to my door looking like it'd been wrapped and addressed by those same simians. I excitedly opened it up, and popped it in. Yes, everything I'd lousily hoped for in this lousy movie was there...along with the internal tracking error in the dubbing process that caused the film to roll over on my screen once every ten seconds.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, presenting HS/HS Radio 7. Or, as you will come to know it, "The podcast those apes made that featured poor voice acting and rolled over every 10 seconds after I waited for 4 months!"

Click this space to hear the amazing advancements being made in primate communications. Barring that, then to listen to a hockey podcast.
Truth be known, I've been sitting here the whole time, waiting patiently every week for Moose to show up so we could record. I only just recently found out that he isn't just a lazy asshole, carelessly squandering the appreciation and goodwill of all of our readers. No. Moose has actually been on the television talk show circuit, giving hope and support to others with his affliction:

Brave, yes. But where would he be without the love and support of viewers like you?


Norte said...

Greener, a glass pounder? say it aint so

wrap around curl said...

Thank you. I will pretend this is my Christmas present.

The fact there was a Night Court reference made it priceless.

"Dave Schultz" said...

"where in the Jesus Christ have you been?" epic. I'm going to use that line in daily life.

Silver tongue. I need that dildo. wait, what?

I want a dvd from the dvr from the Leafs game. Send it to me. Now.

FYI, I'm allergic to yellow #7. srsly, it blows. But SourPatch Kids rule. Am I fucking weird now too?

I very much need to drink to have a good time. Gin and tonic baybeee!

"oh my god it's coming it's coming"--if I had a dollar...

Greener, I'll get you an extra ticket to an AMS game anytime. Just leave Moose at home.

I'll lay my body on the defenseman. Just sayin.

Ian White destroys guys with that fucking mustache.

No, I am your boss, you fucking dicks.

This podcast hurts my ears (in Canada.)

My biggest letdown? (besides waiting for new HS/HS posts and getting let down like when I learned when there was no Santa Claus) Carolina Hurricanes. argh.

There'd better be another one. soon. very soon. brilliant!

eyebleaf said...

Fuck. Mother fucking finally. You guys know this is the only podcast I listen to, right? Thanks for making me wait for it like a horny bitch.

I've got a 10 hour trans-atlantic flight tomorrow. At least I have entertainment for half an hour.

So, thanks!

Greener said...

So what'd you think, Jen?

"Dave Schultz" said...

Overall, I think it had a high laughability rating, the more f-bombs the better. It had a slighty nutty taste, with a bouquet of berries in the undertones. It had a rich flavor profile with the hint of a dry finish.

I'd say 4.5 pucks out of 5. Or 5 out of 5. Yah, 5.


Connie said...

I didn't notice this before but you guys held back on the cursing on my podcast but are back to your usual potty-mouth selves for yours. Thanks again and good job!

And, Greener, Sour Patch Kids are a GO!

Chemmy said...